Learn to Fly

Flight Instruction

If you are interested in learning to fly, the sky is the limit.  You can use our aircraft to go from zero experience all the way up to commercial instrument pilot.  You can even get your flight instructor certificate.   Whether you want to pursue a career in the airlines or just want to get your private pilot license, you can do it all with CC Aero Services.  We work with serveral local flight instructors who teach in our aircraft.  Contact me today (look below for my contact info) and start your journey.

Aircraft Rental

Are you a rated Pilot?  You can rent our aircraft for flying lessons or or even take the plane overnight.  Currently we offer an IFR Certified Cherokee 180 with fully updated panel capable of ILS and RNAV LPV Approaches.  We offer this plane on a DRY RATE* of $130 per hour ($120 when purchasing a 10 hour block). 

*Rental with dry rate obligates renters to put fuel in the plane at their own expense.


In 1996 I began flight training at a small local airport.  I began attending a university aviation program in hopes of becoming an airline pilot.   In 2001 I earned my bachelor's degree in Professional Aviation.  I worked as a flight instructor, charter pilot and aerial survey pilot before landing my first airline job in 2004 with a large regional carrier.  I flew as First Officer on the CRJ700 and later as Captain and Line Check Airman on the EMB-145.  I also worked in pilot recruitment for three years at the airline where I evaluated and interviewed hundreds of pilots being considered for employment.  In 2015 I was hired at a legacy carrier where I flew the Airbus and 737 as First Officer.  Today I am a Captain on the 737.  I bought N7933N and started CC Aero Services in February of 2022.  This Cherokee 180 has been generously updated and meticulously maintained.  Come fly with us.

-Craig Cornell


Contact Us:

Phone 972-505-8006

eMail craig@ccaeroservices.com